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Gres Porcelain Stoneware

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About Us

International leading company in the production of the porcelain tile, Estima is spreading its product in more than 50 countries with 3 main office: Rubiera (Italy) , Fullerton California (USA) and Moscow (Russia).
Our aim to achieve the best quality has always been the reason to invest every year in new technologies and to build factories close in proximity to the source of the best raw materials used for porcelain tiles. This allows us to have maximum efficiency in the production process and to avoid unnecessary logistics to the factory which will lesson negative impact on the environment and reduce costs..
For nearly two decades, our Group has had a consistant growth in terms of Company’s size, products offering and Building Solutions offered to the market.
The possibility given by the development of the Digital Print Technology to reach incredible aesthetical results, changing all the traditional parameters in terms of graphics to High Definition Concept HD and 3 D design, pushed us to organize our R&D Department in Italy, a country known for the Fashion and Crafted Products and commitment to manufacturing excellence..
Estima has a relevant Project Portfolio, which includes our product and building solutions in the structures of many important World Wide Events like Winter Olympic Games in Sochi 2014 and the FIFA World Cup in Russia in 2018.
Our respect for the environment starts from the selection of the quarry where we buy raw material till the production process where we are using all the possible instruments to reduce the CO2 emission together with the recycle material process.
The Heart of our Company is the team of the people are working for us. Professionals coming from different part of the world who bring an incredible value to the Estima with their knowledge and their different cultures.

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Adress: Rubiera (Re) VIA Puccini 4/A ZIP: 92638 
Phone: +3 (905) 226-264-18


Adress: 301 S. State College Blvd Fullerton, CA 92638
Phone: +1 (714) 525-77-70
Fax: +1 (714) 525-77-71